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Announcing Fall Freebies: Collaboration with Oak Leaf Design Studio

Bold & Pop : Announcing Fall Freebies: Collaboration with Oak Leaf Design Studio

We are so excited to share we have a brand new set of Freebies for you guys to download and this time they got the Fall treatment. Because, we're kindddd of obsessed with the season justtt a little bit. Okay, a lot!

Bold & Pop : Announcing Fall Freebies: Collaboration with Oak Leaf Design Studio

We're even more excited about this season's set because we collaborated with the incredibly talented owner of Oak Leaf Design Studio Amber! Girl bosses working with other girl bosses FTW! 🙌🏻 

Bold & Pop : Announcing Fall Freebies: Collaboration with Oak Leaf Design Studio
Bold & Pop : Announcing Fall Freebies: Collaboration with Oak Leaf Design Studio
Bold & Pop : Announcing Fall Freebies: Collaboration with Oak Leaf Design Studio

So much love to Oak Leaf Design Studio for collabing!

Amber is a Raleigh based watercolor artist, calligrapher, and stationery designer. At her biz, she offers custom lettering, calligraphy, and stationery design for events as well as branding for businesses. To learn more about her services and check out her work (it's no secret we're HUGE fans) check out her website! Be sure to follow along with her on Instagram too!

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Sneak Peek into the Bold Boss Resource Library

Bold & Pop : Sneak Peek into the Bold Boss Resource Library

We're heading into month two for the Bold Boss Resource Library and we are thrilled with all of the awesome feedback we've gotten from you! Because that means you like it, you really really like it! And not only that but it also means that you needed it!

We built the library after hearing from our community and clients that they wish there was a one-stop shop for all of their creative needs. Somewhere where they could find lifestyle stock photos, social media graphics & templates, and other design elements and collateral templates. Somewhere where they could find graphics that they didn't need fancy design software to customize. And somewhere where they could take a DIY approach and, oh yeah, try to not break the bank because buying individually can add up! So we created one! Can we get a HECK YEAH?!

How can the Bold Boss Resource Library help you? 

Our whole purpose for the library was to create resources that made it easy peasy to plan imagery for your website, blog and social media accounts. After working in the social media industry for 8+ years each, we know how time-consuming it can be to create graphics and style photos for your brand. So we did it for you. Plus, we've incorporated a variety of styles so that you can find images and templates that align with your biz. We've also designed things in series so that you can create brand consistency based on the resources you choose to use. SO important when developing your branding!

So why is this so awesome? 3 reasons. 1.) It helps all of our biz friends look more professional. We know styling photos and graphic design is definitely not everyone's strong point. So giving you resources at an affordable price point opens the door for those who really struggle with that portion of their biz. 2.) It frees up a ton of time for those of us who are managing everything in our businesses because we're one 1 or 2 people shops. By using the library you'll free up time to run other parts of your business without your social media accounts suffering. 3.) We also kept our social media and creative bosses in mind and created licensing terms that allow you to use the resources for your clients. We know created content for multiple clients is a lot of work so the resource library will allow you to find templates that will fit for each account.

Plus, we offer multiple file formats so even if you don't have Photoshop you can still customize the templates in Canva or your other favorite online design programs. 

So what is included in the Bold Boss Resource Library?

So what is included in this puppy? With your monthly Library Pass you'll get unlimited downloads and access to the following:

  • 250+ professionally styled lifestyle stock photos -- Including styled desktop, mock-ups, florals, summer categories plus more!

  • 250+ social media and blog graphics (both pre-made and customizable) -- so that you can customize for your brand or download and post on the fly!

  • 50+ branding elements -- such as paint strokes, background designs, and wine splashes

  • Collateral design templates -- one sheets, pricing guides, media kits + more

  • Squarespace coding guides -- tips to customize your Squarespace website

And because I know I mentioned the affordability factor earlier... guys it's only $24.95/month! I told you we were hooking you up! Here's the crazy part though... all of the goods in the Resource Library have a value of over $2k! Say what?! I know! Everything is on a month-to-month basis too so while we think you'll love the new resource each month, if you decide you could really just use some help a month here or there, we can help you out there too!

What's New This Month

Each month on the 15th we add brand new uploads and this month we have some fun new additions for you! Not going to lie, we're really excited about this month's additions too! Here's a little peek.

And this is just the start of it! We have so many new fun resources for you that we know you're going to love!

  • Summer & 4th of July stock photos

  • A whopping 100+ new social media and blog templates

  • Pricing guide + One sheet collateral designs

  • Watercolor branding elements + backgrounds (that Mallory hand painted!)

Not sure if we'll have what you're looking for? Well, if you have an idea for something you'd like included you can submit your ideas within the library. And spoiler, we take your ideas to heart and even used them as design inspo for some of this month's inclusions! We created the Resource Library for YOU, so we want to make sure it's hitting any pain points you have.

So what do you think? Digging what we're offering? Get over there and check it out!

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!



Streamlining Your Creative Processes with the Bold Boss Resource Library

Bold & Pop : Streamlining Your Creative Processes with the Bold Boss Resource Library

Running a biz, side hustle or blog is not for the faint of heart -- it is hard freaking work! From the time you have your BIG idea, to getting started, to bringing your dreams it's a journey and a half! As a one-person shop or small business you wear a lot of hats. Not only are you your own boss, but you're also your own marketing, social media, graphic and web design, and public relations departments (just to name a few). 

Chances are, while we all may have a lot of talents, one thing we all have in common is time. We may want to do it all, all of the time, but that pesky 24-hour thing... and, oh yeah, needing to get some sleep gets in the way. Hiring people to help isn't always an option either. So what are you to do?

This is the exact reason why we developed the Bold Boss School Resource Library! While we haven't mastered a technique for finding the winning numbers to the lotto or created a cloning machine, we do have an answer. It turns out something that takes a TON of work that a lot of people aren't experts in is their -- branding and marketing. You know the part that actually helps you get people to take you seriously and grow your biz? Let's be honest, taking photos for your Instagram account, creating graphics for social media posts, and trying to make your website and marketing materials look professional is ALOT of work! And we should know. Hiii we've spent day in and day out for the last 8 years helping people with just that. It's a full-time job and that's just one component of your business.

So we decided to build a resource library focused on streamlining your creative needs to help with that portion of your biz and free up some of your time. From lifestyle stock photos, pre-made and customizable social media graphics, branding elements, and collateral design, we've got your back. Plus, we wanted to make this resource library really affordable (it's only $24.95/month) so that it's accessible to people at all stages of their businesses and blogs.

So that being said what exactly is in the library and how could it help you? Today I'm going to walk you through all of the goods and how they may be able to help you! Psst, I did a little scroll through of the library below so that you can get a peek at everything that's in there too!

Stock Photos

So let's get started with the photo side of the library! Stock photos?! Why do I need cheesy corporate photos for my business Anna?! Scratch that, not those kind of stock photos.. these kinds of stock photos!

We know how time-consuming it can be to take photos or source them and let's be honest for some people that's just not their thing. So we did the hard work and styled over 200+ photos for you with a range of categories in the library. Florals, styled desk shots, mock-ups... we've got them! The awesome thing is you can edit the photos however you'd like too -- lighting, coloring, adding text, cropping. Whatever you please! All photos are professionally styled and high-resolution. Plus, our licensing terms allow you to use them for your own business or if you service other businesses, feel free to use them for those projects too! We're hooking up our fellow social media managers and designers.

Uses for stock photos:

  • Product mock-ups

  • Email marketing graphics

  • Promotional or marketing materials

  • Website banners, buttons or graphics

  • Instagram photos

  • Social media graphics

Social Media & Blog Graphics

Next up in the library? Social media and blog graphics! Beyond using the stock photos to create you own, we've also created templates to streamline your process. We have you on all angles with over 150+ templates included with both pre-made and customizable options. All designs are also compatible with both Photoshop and Canva. We know not everyone has fancy design software so we created multiple file versions so that everyone can use them. Plus, we also have instructions on how to customize within the library.

Social Media & Blog Template Features:

  • Pre-made quote graphics ready to post

  • Customizable social media and blog templates -- formats for blogs, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, and Pinterest

  • Corresponding design sets so that your blog and social media graphics are consistent

  • Multiple versions including Photoshop CS5 and Canva compatible

  • Links to fonts for option of downloading (or use your own!)

Branding Elements, Collateral Design and Squarespace Customization

Other exciting things going on in the resource library? We also have branding elements, collateral design templates and Squarespace customization CSS codes! Holy moly! We have 40+ branding elements that are backgrounds and design elements that you can use as you please! Maybe you're designing a desktop wallpaper or just need a simple background on your website, these are perfect for that. We wanted to develop a library that served all levels and these elements allow maximum customization.


  • One sheet

  • Letterhead backgrounds

  • Media kit backgrounds

  • Postcard or card background

  • Business card backgrounds

  • Misc. collateral designs

Uses for Branding Elements:

  • Desktop and iPhone wallpapers

  • Social media backgrounds

  • Website headers and graphics

  • Blog graphics

  • Website buttons/graphics

  • Promotional graphics and banners

We're also offering collateral design templates that you can use like one sheets, mood boards, and blog media kits. Each design is available as an Indesign CS5 format, or you can plug them into Canva and just replace the shapes used in the layout with the images/text you'll be implementing! Then last but definitely not least, we're sharing custom codes to customize your Squarespace website. As you might know, we specialize in the platform at Bold & Pop so we wanted to integrate some easy ways that you can customize your own website with CSS.

Woh, and that's just the beginning! Each month we'll be uploading new photos and designs so that you always have a fresh batch to pick from! Plus, we have a spot for you to submit requests because this resource library is for your biz so we want to make sure it fits your needs and will consider your requests for new additions! 

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!