Bold & Pop : Why Your Personal Brand is as Important as your Biz Branding

We spend a lot of time talking about developing your branding and marketing your business using social media but what about your personal brand? Believe it or not, that matters too! People want to get to know the person (or people) behind your brand which means it’s important to take the time to develop your personal brand too.

Think about it… Anna and I spend a lot of time developing our brand as Bold & Pop but what if you wanted to get to know us better and found us on our personal social media accounts. What would you think if we had no mention of Bold & Pop on our personal accounts? Might look a little weird, right? Now what if you went and looked at both of our accounts and they were exactly what we posted on Bold & Pop? Also a little weird. That’s because your brand and your personal brand are always going to differ but if you do it right the two will work seamlessly together to show both your professional and personal side which can have some serious benefits for your brand!

Gives Clients and Customers a Better Idea of Who You Are

Since this is your personal brand, this is a more in depth look at who you are as a person rather than just a business owner. The easiest way to do this is through social media since you likely won't have your own website or necessarily be marketing yourself separately from your business.

Those cute pictures of your dog? Share them. The pictures from your vacation or weekend getaway? Share those too! Every now and then throw in something about your business but sharing a more well-rounded look at what it's like to be a business owner is really what people are looking for.

They're also looking to get to know you better so sharing these pieces of your life helps people feel more connected to you ultimately building trust. And let's be real, trust is like pure gold when it comes to running your own business!

More Visibility

When you work to build your own personal brand alongside your business, you increase your visibility and reach exponentially. While you may have some people that follow both you and your business, you likely have two different audiences you can share new products, blog posts, projects, etc. with thus increasing your reach. If you're doing this make sure you alter your approach/caption to fit the audience you are talking to (and make sure you’re not doing things that will piss off your friends and make them say adios!)

Another way you can increase your visibility is by positioning yourself as an expert. You can provide your insight and expertise to various blogs and/or press outlets. While you’ll be quoted as your equivalent of "Mallory, co-founder of Bold & Pop", this positions you personally as the expert. Press like this is a great way to boost your name and business name simultaneously! (Check out HARO and sign up to get our free pitch templates!)

Opens New Opportunities to Connect

Because you are giving people a more in depth look at your life this opens opportunities to connect on a new, more personal level. How many times have you seen someone you admire post something you can totally relate to that either makes you feel like you know them personally or spurs you to comment on their post?

When you connect on this new level, you are solidifying the relationship that you're developing with your followers. So whether you are posting about your dog or your love of donuts, you can begin to form those personal connections that can possibly tie back to your brand or be developed into a personal connection.

I get it though.. one more thing to add to your plate. Good news is that this is supposed to be easy and effortless since hey, it's YOU! Share what you normally would, engage with anyone engaging with you and use that little extra power your personal brand can bring to your accounts. No need to overthink it.. just be YOU!

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