Bold & Pop : Why You Don't Need to Stress Over Mailchimp's New Audience Policy

Did you have a moment of panic when Mailchimp announced their new audience policy? We did too. Especially when we read that our audience will now include all of the contacts you can market to regardless of their email opt-in/subscriber status… including unsubscribers. We had a moment like HUH? Isn’t that illegal? What about GDPR?

And then we read, “These new channels allow you to leverage your entire audience, so you can encourage new engagement with your brand.” To which we really had a moment like THAT IS VERY ILLEGAL.

Well we figured one of the largest email marketing companies wasn’t doing things that are illegal so we wanted to dig in to see what their new audience definition is reallyyyy all about and now we’re sharing what we found with you.

Good News: Mailchimp isn’t actually doing anything sketchy.

Bad News: They now considering everyone, including unsubscribers, to be in your audience which means once you hit 2k audience members, you’re no longer in the free plan.

While Mailchimp’s email made it sound like they were giving us the opportunity to re-engage with unsubcribers and inactive subscribers, the re-engagement is only for inactive users. You’ll only be able to re-engage with unsubscribers if they re-subscribe to your list. So basically everything stays the status quo other than the structure of their plans.

But with the change in audience definition gives you a good opportunity to make the most of your email list… even further than you already do! Do you know how many on your list are inactive? Do you know where they’re coming from? Are you making the most of your analytics?

The biggest piece to you can capitalize on is your inactive audience and now Mailchimp is making it easier than ever to re-engage with those users on each of your lists.

First, you need to make sure you segment your inactive users which is SUPER easy to do. To find them, follow these steps:

  1. Login and go to the Audience tab.

  2. If you have more than one audience/list, make sure you choose the one you want to segment.

  3. Click Contacts and then New Segment.

  4. Make sure it says Contacts match “all” of the following conditions and then choose “Campaign Activity”, “did not open” and then choose the duration that best fits your needs (this will depend on how often you send campaigns).

  5. Click Preview Segment and then Save.

Now that you have your list segmented, what do you do with that segment??? You want to re-engage them and this means you need to send an email specifically for this segment that will really grab their attention.

Have you ever received an email that says something like “We’ve missed you…” and they give you a special offer? That’s them re-engaging with you!

Luckily, Mailchimp has some built-in tools and ideas to help your with re-engagement including:

  • Automation: With Mailchimp, you can easily sent up a sequence of automated emails to help re-engage your inactive audience. The best part of this is you can set post-send actions to automatically unsubscribe people from your list or move them to a different group once the automated sequence is done. This way you can remove inactive people from your list or have them go into another group for future re-engagement.

  • Polls & Surveys: This is a great way to collect information on what your inactive subscribers are interested in so you can use that for future targeted campaigns. This is a great option for service based businesses!

  • Coupons/Promo Codes: If you’re a product-based business, this is a great way to re-engage and potentially spark a new sale. You might want to highlight a few products that have been added to the site since they last visited your site as well.

  • Product Recommendations: You can actually connect your store to Mailchimp so Mailchimp can collect data on your subscribers’ purchase behavior. This content block will actually pull unique product recommendations based off that date for each of your subscribers. This way you can send an enticing campaign customized to your audience members!

So no need to stress over the new changes! The only bummer is that unsubscribers now count towards your audience total so you’ll outgrow the free plan faster but you don’t have to worry about making sure you’re following the law. Mailchimp still has your back!

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