Bold & Pop: What We've Learned in Our First Year of Biz

Did you hear the news? We had a very bold & pop-tastic 1st Birthday this week! I knowww! It’s been both exciting and scary at times! Being a business owner is no joke and a wild ride but we’ve learned so much throughout the last year. While some of what we learned was from experience, we also learned SO much from other creatives and entrepreneurs so we wanted to pay it forward by sharing some of the biggest lessons we learned in our first year of biz!

Build Your Team

If there’s one thing a successful business it is a strong team -- even if you’re a solo-preneur! No matter what type of business you own you need a support system. In Bold & Pop’s case that meant finding the right co-founder and having a strong support system from our family and friends. Luckily, we had previous worked together so we knew each other’s strengths and capabilities as well as how we work together which was a huge bonus is knowing we would be great business partners.

From there, we were able to build our tribe. Previously working in the PR and social media industry, we already had several connections but through networking with awesome peeps (like you!), we’ve been able to grow tremendously and build strong, relevant connections.

You might want to include some of these peeps in your tribe:

  • Co-founder
  • Mentor
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Support system
  • Employees/Interns 

Having a strong team of people you know you can count on can make all the difference! 

Branding Can Make All the Difference

Did you know we launched our business solely with the use of social media? We were able to do this through strong branding and being true to ourselves. Our brand is who we are as people… Bright, fun, and bold! So creating branding that showcased our personalities was second nature.

We truly believe that having a clear vision on our brand prior to launching Bold & Pop helped us create what we have today! People want to connect with the brands and professionals they work with so it's important to showcase that -- which will look different for each brand. All our social media accounts are cohesive and consistently tell our brand story (and showcase our personalities) so whether someone is visiting our website, Facebook, or Instagram, they know exactly who we are and what we do. Your branding and personality make a huge impact on your business so flaunt it!

Don’t Be Afraid to Put Yourself Out There

Let’s be completely honest, putting you and your business out there can be pretty terrifying! This is sometimes one of the the scariest part of being in business, but also essential to your success. All it takes is baby steps to make an impact! Start by providing value to the community you’ve built (through your website, Facebook groups or on social media) and then continue to share your wins and expertise. Those baby steps will continue to add up and soon you won’t be as afraid to put yourself out there.

You'll be surprised at how a simple email to someone you admire or posting on your personal Facebook page can help grow your business! 

Be Willing to Evolve and Adapt

While your BIG goals may stay the same, the way you go about achieving them will likely change. We’ve spent a lot of time during our first year figuring out what works and equally as important, what doesn't. What is the best way to connect with our tribe and target audience? Do we receive a lot of inquiries for a specific service that we should create a package for? Adjusting and adapting your plan will be a consistent part of owning a small business so learning how to quickly identify opportunities or areas that need to be adjusted has been an area that we’ve focused on a lot throughout the last year (and will probably continue to learn more about).

Celebrate Every Single Win

This is probably the most important thing we’ve learned! Every win, no matter how big or small, is HUGE for your business so celebrating is 150% necessary. Whether you treat yourself to a pedicure or ice cream for dinner (yes, we approve of this option!), you made that win happen so indulge however you want! You earned it! We started a milestones doc where we add in accomplishments as they happen and it's so awesome to look back at it at all of the small and big wins we've had -- some that you even forgot happened. Write it down and keep it for a rainy day to keep you motivated as well as monumental days like your biz birthday to look back at everything!

We can’t thank all of you enough for coming along for the ride on this wild first year with us! We are so excited to see what year 2 has in store! 🎉

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