Bold & Pop : Well Works Website Design

Sometimes you just need a little help to get your branding and website design to where you would like and that's exactly how we helped Well Works. The UK based functional medicine and wellness consultancy had the key components of their website all set but was looking for a little help to take it to the next level. That's where the Bold & Pop team came in!

Bold & Pop : Well Works Website Design

The Project:

The Design:

The website refresh was focused on redesigning the homepage to streamline the user-experience, cohesion of banner images and integrating custom graphics throughout. Here's a peek at some of key goals of the project. 

  • Revamp homepage design
  • Design custom icons for Well Works brand
  • Redesign brand infographics
  • Streamline banner images for cohesion
  • Restructure blog as grid layout
  • Redesign team page
  • Optimize SEO

The key to giving the brand a refreshed look was restructuring and adding custom elements to the homepage. The team also wanted to be able to highlight recent blog and recipe posts, as well as a rotating testimonial option.

Bold & Pop : Well Works Website Design

In addition to revamping the homepage we also restructured the blog layout and jazzed up the team pages.

Bold & Pop : Well Works Website Design
Bold & Pop : Well Works Website Design

Last, we sourced new banner images for each page to reflect the updated look of the website and create cohesion between each so everything tied together. To see more of the new design check out their website!

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