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How to Easily Give Your Website an Updated Look

Bold & Pop ; How to Easily Give Your Website an Updated Look

It’s Valentine’s Day so you better believe we’re talking about something we LOVE… Web design! The majority of people that come to us for web design typically want a completely new look compared to their current website or they don’t yet have a website and are building from scratch. But what happens when you like your current website and you just want to add a little more pizazz to give it an updated look? Welp, you are in luck my friends because we’re talking just that today!

First things first, you’ll want to do a quick audit of your current website. What do you absolutely love that you don’t want to change? Where do you want to make improvements? This will help you narrow your focus on where to spend your energy on updates.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have an extra set of eyes give you feedback. We often become so attached to our own projects that we miss something major that someone else will point out! So don’t be afraid to ask someone for their opinions and then evaluate them to see what fits best with your brand vision.

Updated Imagery

This is one of the fastest ways to give your website a little facelift. If you have new, updated photos of your products or ones that represent the service you provide, pop those babies in! During your audit you likely made note or a few images that were less than favorable so this is the perfect opportunity to update those with new ones you loveeee!

If you don’t have new images but you have a few that you don’t feel property represent your brand, it might be time to schedule a little photoshoot to update those pictures. The best part is you can then also use them on your social media and any other marketing materials that you’d also like to update to keep all your branding cohesive! Win, win!

Update Fonts

Similar to your imagery, updating your fonts will also give your website some more life! Squarespace has plenty of fonts to choose from (you don’t need to stick to your template’s default!) and it’s super easy to update them in the style editor. Another bonus is you can also add your own custom font! It’s a little more tricky and requires some coding but it will help keep your branding consistent through all your marketing!

However, we don’t recommend using more than 3 different fonts on your website though. More than 3 can be confusing and cause the website to look a bit chaotic. One way you can avoid this is just by adjusting the color or size of the different header fonts to help differentiate between them when necessary!

Focus on Highlighting Content

This is the whole reason people are coming to your website, right? Are your products, blog posts, services, etc. being highlighted in the most effective way? Think of the purpose of your brand and what you want people to do when they come to your website… Do you want them to purchase your products or services? Then you need to make sure it is clear on the homepage what you offer and how they can purchase. Think clear call-to-actions! Want them to read your blog posts? Try something similar by highlighting your latest posts. You may want to categorize your blog and products to make it more simple and clear for visitors to find exactly what they want.

Use creative graphics and imagery to really highlight these key components of your brand and voila! New life to your existing site!

Integrate Animations

A fun way to highlight your content that is gaining a lot of popularity right now? Integrating animations! These don’t have to be anything crazy but just a few little touches here and there will help make your audience’s visit a little more interactive and keep them on your website a little longer. Our favorite types of animations right now include:

How to Easily Give Your Website an Updated Look


How to Easily Give Your Website an Updated Look

Gif Animations

Just making these few tweaks to your website can really help transform it into a more interactive and captivating experience for your visitors. Have you made any adjustments to your website recently? Let us know what you did and how it’s helped your brand in the comments!

Need a little help with sprucing up your website? We’re just an email away!

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