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How to Self-Promote Without Pissing Off All Your Friends

Bold & Pop : How to Self-Promote Without Pissing Off All Your Friends

Often as small business owners (especially as female business owners), we have a little trouble tooting our own horn… Probably because when we do we’re met with a less than enthusiastic response and/or let's be real, crickets. I’ve recently come to the realization that there are people in my life that just don’t know how to respond to my exciting news because unless they’re a biz owner too, this is foreign territory for most and frankly they might not totally understand what you do. (Shoutout to my biggest cheerleaders and supporters though.. Whoop!) But listen, you’re kicking some booty and taking names and you deserve to pat yourself on the back every now and then and your friends and family are just going to have to get over it. Oh yes, I'm going there!

But here’s the thing, we also know those biz owners that constantly post on their personal accounts about their businesses that just annoy the eff out of all of us.. Even as business owners. So how do you balance the two? How do you self-promote but not piss everyone off in your life? Well I’m here to share some tips to share all your exciting news but not have your friends and family regretting following your journey.

Don’t Constantly Sell

There is literally nothing more annoying than signing on to aimlessly scroll Facebook or Instagram and see the same people selling, selling, selling constantly. I get it. Some of your friends and family might want to buy what you’re selling but what about the others that don’t? What about the ones that go on there to scroll through photos of dogs and funny memes? How are you going to grab their attention?

The fastest way to make them hit unfollow is to constantly sell to them so try telling a story instead. Has the product or service you’re selling made as impact on your life? Tell that story! Show why it would be beneficial for others to have or use. Provide some value behind that post so when your friends need your product or service, they know where to go! (Trust me, they’re 10x more likely to buy from someone that isn’t pushing their product or service in their face!)

Share Your Most Exciting News

You don’t need to share every little thing that goes on in your business. Save that for your business accounts… That’s why people follow you there, right?! Instead share your most exciting news on your personal accounts. Have a new launch? New product? Exciting new press? You better tell the whole dang world!

These are the things you want to brag about and if you’re not posting about your biz constantly then they’ll hold much more weight with your personal friends.

Mix With Your Personal Posts

Along with the point of sharing your most exciting news, make sure you mix in your business posts with personal posts too. I mean these are your personal pages, right? I know your business is a huge part of your life but it’s not the only thing you have going on!

I personally don’t share a lot on Facebook but when it comes to Instagram, I like to have a healthy mix of posts. Some are of hiking, others of my dog and other adventures, then sprinkled in there are work-related posts. Think of it as giving a “well rounded” look at your life. And sometimes that means those posts of your dog can be tied back to your business and that’s totally fine (don't forget, you’re storytelling!).  

Be Authentic

You’re excited about whatever it is you are posting about so it is totally fine to show that passion! Chances are that your social media friends know who you are as a person so be that. Don’t try to be anything else! It makes it easier to share your news and tell your story. 

This means it’s also alright to share the good, the bad and the ugly if you want. I try to keep things positive but on occasion I’ll talk about how I’m exhausted I am or how I'm feeling a little defeated because hey, that’s life as a business owner and if you’re not sharing those things then how are people going to relate to you? Everyone can relate on some level to most of what we feel as a business owner even if it’s not necessarily the exact same thing. Create those connects whether it’s sharing exciting news or a little dose of #realtalk. Connections are what social media is all about no matter if you’re using it for business or personal use!

But listen, you’re still going to get crickets and less than enthusiastic responses from time to time but that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested in your business! Try framing your news or posts in another way and see if you can connect with your friends in a different way. Just don’t be afraid to share at all. Give yourself a little humble brag from time to time because girl, you are crushing it and you deserve to share those accomplishments!

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