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How to Write an About Page for your Website that Makes an Impact

Bold & Pop : How to Write an About Page for your Website that Makes an Impact

Raise your hand if you’ve settled on the about page of your website or put off redoing it because… well, it is hard AF to write about yourself sometimes! Girl, we have been there. Here’s the thing though, your about page is SO dang important -- even more so if you’re a service-based business. Not only is it where you showcase why you’re credible and more info on your business but it’s a place where you can really highlight your personality and why people would want to work with you. And spoiler, people want to work with people who they feel like they have a connection with! Tackling our own about page was on our to-do list this year, so now that we got it done (and survived) I’m spilling tips to help you crush yours too!

Your tone of voice is everything!

Your about page should speak to your target audience. Plain and simple! This page is literally dedicated to telling others who the heck you are, what you do, and whyyy they should be banging on your door to work with you. So before you do anythingggg and start nailing down the nitty gritty of what you want to include, you need to sit down and think about who the heck you’re talking to.

If you work with fun, outgoing go-getting women then make sure your copy reflects that! You’re not going to catch their eye by writing a blah boring bio… snoozefest. Instead, consider writing catchy fun headlines that will draw them in and make it more conversational like you were new friends getting to know each other over some coffee. Kind of like how I’m doing in this blog post! On the flip side, if you work with larger corporations or in an industry that is a little more formal, then writing punchy, fun copy probably isn’t going to cut it. Know your people and make sure your tone matches what they’re looking for! And if you don’t know who your people are yet, because you’re just getting started, then write for who you want your people to be! When we started Bold & Pop we knew our brand was going to be bright, colorful and happy! And while we work with clients with all sorts of design styles, one thing we wanted to make sure shined through is that we’re fun and positive women who just want to support our clients — so you’ll notice our copy reflects that!

Hash out the details

While your tone of voice is actually going to be what draws people in, you also need to make sure your page actually has some meat! When Mallory and I were working on our about page revamp we did an outline of different things we wanted to highlight including different facts, like how long we’ve been working in the industry, types of clients we’ve represented, where we went to college, press outlets we’ve been featured in — all of that legit credibility stuff. We also thought about some different fun traits about our personalities that we wanted to highlight too. Like I mentioned, your about page is somewhere for people to get to know you and start to feel a connection with you — before they actually know you. So think about this, every detail you provide is another chance for you to be relatable (or just interesting) to others. Oh you’re big into country music? ME TOO! You went to college in Oregon? I love Oregon.. Now of course you don’t have to list everyyy detail about yourself but ones that make sense to highlight open up those touch points for others to connect on.

Break things up

On top of outlining some of the key details, another helpful tip is to think about how you want it structured. There’s no wrong or right way to do this, but we knew we wanted to section out different parts of the things we wanted to touch on. Plus, with people’s attention spans forever decreasing, breaking sections up with graphics and/or photos will make the user-experience a lot better. You want to give people lots of good info, but you also don’t want them to feel like they’re reading a novel on your life. By breaking things up, you can still include lots of details without it feeling overwhelming.

I recommend doing this by starting with the content sections you want to include and think about fun ways you could highlight some differently. For example, we knew we wanted to have an introduction that let people know who we were and a high-level background of our experience so that they knew exactly what we did if that’s as far as they read. From there, we then wanted to include our Co-founder story of how we met and started working together because it’s kind of a funny story, and then we went into our individual bios, then after that we decided we just wanted to have another fun section with more personal details on our personalities. To break things up but also be able to cram in a lot of metrics about our Bold & Pop careers, we created a ticker animation feature that showcased some of those metrics without having it in paragraph form. We also added a slider image with photos/graphics to highlight some of our personal interests to break things up a bit.

Writing an effective about page is all about connecting with your audience, highlighting why you are as awesome as you are, and make the experience of doing both one that is easy and enjoyable! Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful. Feel free to pop over to ours to see the final product and as always drop any questions/comments you have below!

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!