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3 Reasons You Might Want to Add Your Prices to Your Website

Bold & Pop : 3 Reasons You Might Want to Add Your Prices to Your Website

We’ve been there. We’ve all debated this topic at one time or another… To add our pricing to our website or not. Now there are obviously pros and cons to both sides and it really comes down to the type of business you have but we ultimately decided it was best to add our pricing and we’re SO happy we did! We’ve noticed this topic coming up a lot lately so we wanted to weigh in on why we think it might be a good idea to add your prices to your site!

Attract Qualified Leads and Avoid Missed Opportunities

This is probably the biggest reason we’d encourage you to add your pricing to your website. Think of it this way.. if you have your prices on your website and a potential client contacts you for your services, you know they must be alright with your pricing. No need to have that awkward pricing conversation or waste either of your time going back and forth just to realize you might not be the right fit due to budget. You have a qualified lead willing to pay your prices RIGHT THERE.

If you don't have your prices on your website, you could also be missing out on some pretty awesome opportunities too. Whenever I go to a website and they don’t have their prices, I think of it this way… When you go to a really fancy, shmancy restaurant and they don’t have the prices on the menu, you know it’s freakin’ expensive. If anyone else has the same reaction as me, then you might be missing out on potential opportunities that actually would fit into your pricing structure.

Bold & Pop : 3 Reasons You Might Want to Add Your Prices to Your Website

Be Transparent

Being transparent has been important to us from Day 1. Some of our favorite entrepreneurs that we look up to are the most transparent and early on we often discussed how we really wanted to be transparent no matter what! Naturally making our pricing clear and visible allows us to be transparent with clients, both current and potential.

By being transparent, you not only allow clients into your own little biz world but you also help build trust. If you’re upfront with what they can expect from you, they’ll likely be more comfortable working with you.

Prices Aren’t Set in Stone

If you’re concerned that having set pricing visible on your website will hinder your ability to charge different prices depending on the project, don’t be concerned! Your prices on your website don’t have to be set in stone! We do 2 things to avoid this issue since we offer a wide range of services.

  1. We have our packages “start” at a specific price. This way if a client wants much more than what is offered, we can adjust accordingly.
  2. We also make a note that we can customize packages to fit a client’s needs. This way if a client wants less than what a package offers, we can adjust that pricing accordingly too!

You can try either of these or even offer a price range. This way you don’t have to limit yourself but clients are still aware of your pricing.

While we think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to adding your prices to your website, remember it’s YOUR business and you make the rules! If you add your prices and don’t think it’s benefiting your biz, then you can easily remove them or adjust the prices depending on the testing you’ve done as well. That’s the best part about a website… in just one (or two) clicks, you can update it and BOOM! You’re back in biz!