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Your Guide to Colorful Walls

Bold & Pop : Your Guide to Colorful Walls

Have a wall you'd like to add?

Hit us up with the location, a photo, and your website or Instagram account and we'll give you credit!

This may not surprise you.. but we LOVE bright and colorful walls. Ok, LOVE doesn't even express how much we like them.. we're totally obsessed. Helloooooo can you say photo-opp central? We always find ourselves hunting for fun new walls in new cities and after doing some research for an upcoming brand shoot (which we CANNOT wait for) we realized how cool would it be to have a guide that highlighted locations all over?! We've found amazinggg guides that are locally based so we thought, why don't we bring together all of these amazing resources and plug them into one place! So, in true get sh*t done fashion, we decided to do just that and include cities from all over the country and even a few international picks!

Shout-out to our social crew who helped out and sent in suggestions too! We're going A-Z with some of our picks from around the country! Have more to add? Hit us up in the comments or shoot us an email with the location, name of the wall/artist if known and bonus if you share a pic! We'll add it in and credit your website. We want this to be an awesome resource so we will be updating as additional picks come in so be sure to save or pin for later! *Please note walls are subject to being painted over.

P.S. If you're on mobile, rotate your phone to landscape mode to get the wall info! 

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Boulder, CO

Chicago, IL 

Denver, CO

Houston, TX

Lexington, KY

Los Angeles, CA

Miami & Other Cities in Florida

Minneapolis, MN

Nashville, TN

New York & Brooklyn, NY

Norfolk, VA

Portland, OR

Raleigh & Carrboro, NC

Salt Lake City & Provo, UT

San Francisco, CA

Seattle & Tacoma, WA

Shreveport & Bossier City, LA

Spokane, WA

Washington DC & Arlington, VA


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Things Are Getting Real Bold & Poppy

Bold & Pop : Things Are Getting Real Bold & Poppy

If you follow us on social media, you may have seen that the two of us were together this weekend in Raleigh, NC and we had some serious fun during a little photoshoot! We've been in some serious need of new headshots and branding shots of us together so we were so excited to make it happen!

We used some of the research from our colorful wall guide, coordinated with Danielle Mckenzie Photography, and headed out for some fun! We got a sneak peek and can we just say OMG, WE'RE IN LOVE! 😍 Seriously, take a look! 

Bold & Pop : Things Are Getting Real Bold & Poppy
Bold & Pop : Things Are Getting Real Bold & Poppy
Bold & Pop : Things Are Getting Real Bold & Poppy

We need to give a serious shout out to Danielle Mckenzie Photography though. Not only did she put up with our crazy gigantic balloons and mid-shoot donut snack time, but girl is a magician with the camera and made us look like total rockstars. If these are the sneak peeks, we can't wait to see the rest! 🎉 Also HUGE (literally) shout-out to EH Social Events for the amazing big balloons -- we're talking 36 inches guys! They couldn't have been more perfect for the shoot! (Side note: We looked like a little circus getting in and out of the car which made them even more fun!) 

Ok, ok, we're done gushing now...