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How to Manage Your Time and Workflow With a Multidimensional Business

Bold & Pop : How to Manage Your Time and Workflow With a Multidimensional Business

One of the questions we get asked by others in our industry the most often is how we structure our days and workflow with a multidimensional business. We specialize in three different areas (branding, Squarespace website design, and social media management) with each of those services having multiple layers to them as well. This means we have to be really disciplined and structured to keep our biz running like a well oiled machine (spoiler, sometimes it still gets a little cray). So if you run a multidimensional business (or you just want to get some ideas of how to structure your workflow) today’s blog post is just for you!

Batching Is Your BFF

Batching your work is a life saver when you have so many different aspects to your business. This means you take one task or tasks related to each other and work on them until they’re complete. Basically it’s meal prepping but for your business! This is something we’ve done even pre-Bold & Pop. We’ve always batched content for our social media clients but we’ve really had to hone in on how we batch work now that we offer so many different types of services. Some of the services or tasks that we batch include:

  • Social media content

  • Photos for social media clients

  • Engagement sessions for social media

  • Email newsletters

  • Blog calendars

Having specific days and time slots for each of these things is so important because they you can make sure each is complete before moving onto the next task. This is really important on the social media side of our business too because we’re in and out of client accounts all day.

Divide and Conquer If You Can

Luckily we have each other to take on numerous tasks at once. While we have a lot of the same skills, we also have different focuses in a few areas. This means while Anna works on graphic design projects, Mallory is coding a website. Or while Mallory works on taking photos for social media clients, Anna is rocking their influencer marketing campaigns. During super busy times, this has been essential… morning check-in and then we dive into our own individual tasks and check-in as needed.

But we know not all of you have a business partner to do this with. We get it. This is where batching will be really important for you but if you’re growing at a pace that even batching isn’t helping, consider finding others to partner with to take some of that workload off your hands. Finding someone with complimentary skills like Anna and I have so you can divide and conquer could be key!

Set Reminders/Timers

Real talk, it’s easy to get lost in what you’re doing we your so focused on the task at hand, which is why we rely heavily on reminders on our phone. We have set times throughout the day that we each pop into our client social media accounts and having these reminders set really helps pull us out of whatever else we’re working on at the time. Then we’ll use a timer so we don’t get sucked into that task for too long (because let’s be real, the social media rabbit hole is real y’all!)

We mainly do this for our social media clients but it can be useful for so many different tasks in your business!

Our Weekly Schedule

Going a little deeper into how we actually batch/structure our days. Here’s a look at what we have planned for each day:

Monday: These aren’t reserved for anything specific because let’s be real, Mondays are usually a little all over the place! We found that we’re usually sorting through a lot of emails and getting things prepped for the week so we try not to have hard deadlines or key tasks due on these days. We typically work on design projects, engage on our clients social media accounts and anything else that came up over the weekend.

Tuesday: This is one of our social media content planning days. We spend the first half of the day doing content for half of our social media clients. We do our content calendars a week in advance to keep them timely but we do the same clients every single Tuesday. The rest of the day is spent on design projects, engagement and pitching influencers for our clients’ that have influencer marketing campaigns.

Wednesday: This is another one of our content days. Same as Tuesday but we just do the content for the other half of our clients. Then we work on design work, engagement, pitching or anything else we have going on in the afternoon.

Thursday: This is always a design day for us! Since we have all the content planned out for the week, this frees up almost the entire day for us to focus on Squarespace websites, logo designs, and any other design projects we have in the works!

Friday: Fridays are what we like to call Bold & Pop days. When we’re super busy, we don’t always get this as a full day but we always try to do our own social media content on Fridays and do a little strategy session, whether it’s going over our finances and numbers from the month before or brainstorming ideas for clients.

This is broadly how we structure our days though. Within each day, we still have to make sure all our clients are getting the attention they deserve. So we set 15-30 minute intervals several times a day that we pop into our client social media accounts to engage. We also reserve time for client photoshoots at least once a month and then one day each week is spent working on influencer research and outreach. We are both very scheduled people that enjoy routine so having this broad schedule has been really instrumental in keeping us focused and on track!

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!