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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Bold & Pop : Why Your Business Needs a Blog

If you don’t yet have a blog for your business or if you’re not publishing posts consistently, you may want to reconsider. This is a great way to authentically connect with your target audience and while it may take some extra time to produce this content, incorporating a blog into your marketing strategy has serious benefits for your brand. Still not convinced? Let us break down the benefits for you.

Content to Share with your Audience

Easy peasy but this provides you content to share with your audience. We always suggest sharing your blog posts on all your social media accounts plus in your Facebook groups and in your newsletters if you have an email list. We like to share our posts and our clients’ posts on the day the blog is published. If you plan your content like we do, this helps keep you on track with posting on a regular schedule and it also gives you content to share with your audience throughout the week.

In that same idea, you can also recycle your blog posts. This means that you can reuse your older posts with your audience if they are evergreen posts (this is content that is timeless and stays relevant for readers). Filling our your content calendar has never been easier! Whooop! 

Drive Traffic to your Website

Having new content on your website on a regular basis means people have a reason to keep coming back. When you share this content with your audience whether it’s through social media, your email newsletter, or another form, this drives people back to your website thus increasing your web traffic which we all want, right?! 

Blogs are also typically the first thing to go “viral” for a brand and can really drive large amounts of traffic to your website. For example, our blog post on writing the perfect Instagram caption went viral on Pinterest and has continued to be one of our most popular pieces of content that is viewed on our site. While this doesn’t necessarily equal sales, it does help strengthen your brand awareness. It typically takes several times for a customer/client to see your brand for it to register with them and eventually lead to a sale. The more people to your website, the more people that know about your brand... and you never know who needs your product or service! 

Establish Expertise

This is one of the fastest ways to establish yourself as an expert in your industry! A blog provides you with your own platform to share your insights, tips, and expertise in one place. However, don’t just post blogs to post... You want to make sure you are writing with intention!

Your blog posts should always share something of value. So rather than just selling your products or services with your audience, you can share your insights and tips to give them something that will help them personally. This can include anything from:

  • Your tips/insight on industry trends or news

  • "How to" blog posts

  • Review of product

  • Share an inspirational story

  • Share a recent experience

  • Case studies

  • Share favorite tools or resources

Just make sure it is something of value and not overly self-serving. By being too promotional in your posts, you'll likely annoy your readers and have the opposite effect than desired. 


Think about this… how often does the content on your website change excluding your blog? Probably not all that often and the problem with that is search engines love fresh, unique content! This is why having a blog that you regularly update is so important for your SEO. We suggest posting at least once a week but the more often you post, the better! This gives search engines content to crawl and index ultimately improving your search engine results.

While you want to make sure your blog posts include keywords, don’t forget to also name the images you use in your blogs with keywords. The same goes for videos you use in your blog posts!

We get it though… coming up with topics and writing blog posts is time consuming and just one more thing for you to fit into your already busy schedule. If you ask us, this isn’t something your brand can afford not to do though! We first started posting once a week on our blog and have now increased to two per week (not including our #BoldBossTribe stories!) since we had seen such a benefit for our own brand.

Have you seen any benefits after you started blogging? Share them in the comments!

Bold & Pop : Co-founder Mallory Musante

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