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A Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Social Media Portfolio

Bold & Pop : A Step-By-Step Guide to Create a Social Media Portfolio

After Squarespace added the Google Search Keywords option to the analytics we learned some really valuable info about what people were searching for before landing on our website! Some of that info was what we were expecting, but something that surprised us was that one of the top searches was for social media portfolios! And we get it too... Putting together your portfolio or updating it can be daunting. No matter where you are in your career. Trust us, we've been at it for nearly 10 years now! 

That being said, we noticed a need and today we're giving you a full guide on tips for creating (or updating) your portfolio. So if you're in the biz and you're looking for some help then read on because I'm giving you the 411 on what we've learned about creating a social media portfolio that converts and how you can create one too.

Outline Your Project

Case studies are all about showcasing the work that you did but the way you present it matters! For the most part, you're usually showcasing your work to someone who is interested in hiring you. Whether that's a client for your business, or if you're job-hunting you may be showcasing your work to a new employer. No matter what the case, in our experience you want to hit that sweet spot of showcasing enough info to give them a good idea of the project without writing a novel. Short and sweet is generally best! 

In our case studies, we have 4 main sections including:

  • The Project: Which highlights the duration of the campaign (whether it's complete or a benchmark -- we'll talk more about that later) and the package which we link back to on our services page so they can see pricing and inclusions.

  • Overview: In this section, we break down the key objectives of the campaign. Whether that was to increase awareness of the accounts, increase engagement rates, influencer marketing outreach, etc.

  • Strategy & Tactics: Working in social media, you're always finding the balance between showcasing that you are an expert in the field without giving away allll of your techniques -- that is why people hire you afterall. In this section, we break down some of the key strategies like creating a consistent content strategy and taking styled lifestyle images.

  • The Results: This is the most important part! Numbers talk, and we're not just talking about an increase in followers or likes. Yeah, those numbers may be important for clients but working in the industry we know there's a lot more metrics than that. Consier including anythinggg that showcases the difference your efforts have made for the brand. Maybe this is how many influencers you partnered with, or the average number of user-generated photos that were submitted. That on top of average weekly post engagements and increases in website traffic. Breaking these down into simple and easy to follow metrics for the non-social media crew is important too.

Bullet Points are your Friend

Piggy-backing off of the short and sweet note. Bullet points are your friend when it comes to case studies. This makes your case studies easier to skim through and pull out key information. Often when people are browsing your portfolio they're doing just that, skimming your work so this is important. 

Results are the MOST Important Part and Even Better When Shown Visually

As we mentioned above, results are the MOST important part of your case studies. You want to showcase that not only do you understand the industry but you can make some magic happen too. This is why tracking your analytics regularly throughout your campaign and taking before numbers are crucial too. Another tip when it comes to showcasing results is showing visuals whenever you can. Adding visual components takes your results to the next level, plus it breaks up the text which makes them easier to look through. Instead of just saying you secured 15 Instagram takeovers with influencers, give that number and then showcase some of those! Did you manage an Instagram account and help an account create a cohesive feed? Showcase some of the photos you took or a before and after screenshot of what the account looked like when you started vs mid-campaign. Anything you can share to show your work in action is always a benefit.

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Update Regularly (Even if you're mid-campaign)

One of the biggest struggles for working on portfolios is often making the time to actually work on them. We get it.. you're so busy doing the work that you forget to actually update your portfolio. Something we like to do is update our portfolio on a quarterly basis so that we can make sure we're including recently completed campaigns as well as making sure current client campaigns have up-to-date benchmarks.

Something we get asked a lot is what should you do if you're still working with a client? That shouldn't stop you from showcasing it in your portfolio! We have some clients we've been working with since the beginning of Bold & Pop but that doesn't mean you can't highlight those campaigns. Instead, we add a notation at the top of the project and note it as an ongoing project and include the benchmark amount of time for the results included. We do regular reports for our clients so we just update these numbers regularly so that we can accurately present the results we've had to date.

Make Sure You Have Permission to Share

One tricky situation that can come up while working on social media campaigns is making sure you have permission to share results publically -- especially if you're putting it right on your website like we do. In all of our agreements, we have a clause that we can share results in our portfolio but sometimes we're working with clients that have NDAs or that do not want their information shared publicly. Not all is lost though! Some of our clients have allowed us to share results excluding their brand name and any branded photos on our website. Or, they allow us to share their case studies on an as-needed basis privately. It's all about working with what you've got!

It's worth noting too, if you are side-hustling you definitely want to be careful about this as well especially if you're working full-time at another firm. Even more important if you're working on your own on the DL. Make sure you review your employee handbook or talk to HR to make sure you are allowed to showcase work you have done outside of your office. If you're interviewing at other firms, then having a private portfolio you showcase is not typically a problem, but if you're branching out on your own be very careful because you don't want to misrepresent that you represent that client independently to others. Plus, it can get you in a sticky situation with your employer (or past employer if you end up leaving). We can speak from experience that when we first started Bold & Pop, we had to scrap our case studies from our previous agency because that would nottt have gone over well in our situation. That can seem a little scary at first but like I mentioned, you just have to get creative about how you showcase your experience.

Showcase Variety

Last but not least, showcase some variety in your case studies. That can be the different types of projects you include or the types of clients you've worked with. The social media industry is so diverse and every campaign is often different so showcase that! By doing so, you're allowing others to see how versatile your work is and the range of services you can offer. You certainly don't have to highlight everyyyy project you've ever worked on, but in some ways, more can be better because it makes it easier to direct potential clients to specific case studies that may be similar to what they're looking for. 

I hope you guys found this helpful! If you want a little more social media portfolio inspo feel free to check out our portfolio below. Or if you have other questions drop us a comment below or give us a shout!

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How Facebook Groups Can Benefit Your Business

Bold & Pop : How Facebook Groups Can Benefit Your Business

Today we're chatting about my personal favorite part of Facebook -- Facebook Groups! I was in a few groups in college and in my professional career, but to be honest I didn't really get that into them. The few I was in were either not that active, full of people complaining or ego-hungry admins who were always threatening to kick people out or to put their careers on blast... Yikes, so let's just say they didn't exactly make the best first impression.

That all changed though when we decided to launch Bold & Pop. I was trying to gobble up every bit of info I could about venturing into the land of the unknown.. and Facebook Groups kept popping up. So reluctantly I joined a few that were recommended. To my surprise, the groups I joined were nothing like those I had been in before and I was instantly hooked! I think they would call this... finding your people! Right off the bat I was welcomed with friendly people who were sharing their latest business wins, sharing insightful business feedback, and people asking and getting questions from the community. I'm pretty sure I was attached to Facebook for a full week straight just scrolling, reading posts, and taking everything in. 

Why Facebook Groups are Awesome

Once I joined those first few Facebook Groups I quickly realized why some of those I looked up to kept talking about them. When you find ones that align with your interests it's like walking into an awesome non-stop workshop and networking event. I really loved them too because I could actively engage in conversations with questions I had and get answers quicker than I could search around online. So what are some of my favorite things about groups? I'm giving you the rundown:

  • Networking with fellow business owners: This one is top notch. Connecting online breaks down location barriers allowing you to connect with people all over the country and even the world! Living in New York City, I'm pretty spoiled with access to entrepreneur meet-ups and networking events, but if you live in the middle of nowhere AKA my hometown in Washington this opens so many doors you might not have had otherwise. I can't tell you how many people I've connected with over the last few years I might not have met otherwise all thanks to Facebook groups!

  • Wealth of information and support from other business owners: Hands down this is my favorite part of Facebook Groups -- the support system. The wealth of information I have learned from the groups has been invaluable personally and to our business. I love that people also aren't afraid to share the ups and downs too. The truth is being a business owner and chasing your dreams is hard freaking work! I'm lucky to have the best Co-founder ever to ride out this journey with, but the reality is a lot of people are either doing this on their own or don't have a huge support system and Facebook Groups can be really helpful for that. Other than Mallory, I don't have many friends who have taken this journey and if you're a business owner you know that a lot of people can't relate. Which is totally fine, but sometimes just knowing someone else has made it to the other side or will help you get through things is reassuring. Funny how connecting with complete strangers can be comforting, but when it's with your people they're not strangers for too long!

  • Convenient to pop-in whenever you would like: This is another key factor. I love that I can see highlights on my newsfeed and then pop into my favorite Facebook Groups and get more details whenever I want. While I may live in a city with a lot of opportunities, let's be honest I'm not going to networking events every night! So knowing I can catch up on conversations in my favorite groups whenever I want is really great. Especially because these convos are happening on a platform that I'm already using regularly -- no need to head to another website.

  • Build lasting relationships outside of Facebook Groups: Like I mentioned earlier, I've met so many awesome people online and some have even led to meeting in the real world! After connecting in some of the groups I've attended local meet-ups, coffee meetings and I've even built relationships with some who became clients. So cool right?! So how did I do it? I paid attention to the conversations people were having. I chimed in when I thought my expertise could be valuable or when I could share a lesson I've learned along the way. Not only that but I've been there to cheer on others and celebrate their wins while giving encouragement when they've hit those inevitable lows. It's all about being authentic, helpful and genuinely caring about others' journeys -- just like you would with your friends and colleagues. Just like making relationships in real life, if you put the effort in to show you care chances are you will build stronger relationships. It really all goes back to intent too. I joined Facebook Groups to learn and connect with others. I may not have sought out to meet friends locally or land clients but it's amazing what can happen when you're authentic and put yourself out there.

Some of our Favorite Facebook Groups

So what are some of these groups that I'm oh so fond of? Here's a look at some of my favorites -- although truthfully it's hard to narrow them down!

  • Online Business BFFS: [Update, group has been archived summer 2017] It's no secret we 💗 Melyssa Griffin at Bold & Pop and this is her group! This community was hands down one of the reasons I fell in love with Facebook Groups and I've met SO many amazing people through it. There's also a large group of bloggers, which is awesome because I also have a lifestyle blog!

  • Savvy Business OwnersLed by Heather Crabtree this group is one of my favs because there are so many incredible women entrepreneurs and business owners! This year they also launched a membership site to expand their empire!

  • Gem Nation: Allyn Lewis leads up the Gem Nation community and rocks at pushing you to share your story and get vulnerable in your business. Something we're really working on ourselves this year. She's put together an awesome group that really dives deeper into sharing your story and building your brand which I love!

  • The Rising Tide SocietyThe Rising Tide is another big one with over 60k members! Holy moly. Their motto is community over competition and there are some really great conversations going on. They also started a movement Tuesdays Together where there are local meetings across the country the second Tuesday of every month to connect IRL.

  • Social Boss with Caitlin BacherCaitlin Bacher's group is another great one that is a little more social media driven -- so totally up our alley! She's the queen of growing Instagram accounts and Facebook groups so we really enjoy connecting in her group.

  • Elle & Co Community: Another biz owner we totally look up to, Lauren Hooker also recently launched a Facebook Group! Lauren offers SO much valuable information on her blog and has rocked her business from content marketing so we're really excited about her community!

  • Being Boss: This group is one of the reasons I've gotten so into podcasts! Started by the Co-founders of the podcast Being Boss, their community brings together creative entrepreneurs across the board which is amaze-balls!

My best advice for Facebook Groups is try out a bunch and see what connects with you! Like I mentioned before, the ones I was first a part of weren't my cup of tea and I just assumed all Facebook Groups were that way. Not true! Test them out and find your people because when you do.. YAYYYY magic! ✨ Now that I've share some of my favorites we also have a little announcement for you guys! We actually just launched our very own Bold & Pop community called the #BoldBossTribe!

That's right, we have officially launched our own group to celebrate all of you! If you've been following our blog for awhile, about a year ago we launched our #BoldBossTribe blog series to feature inspiring fellow business owners, side hustlers, bloggers and artists. Now we're taking it to the next step and adding another element to our blog series and adding a community! We're super excited about what's to come and hopefully one day our group will make one of your favorites! If you want to join check us out below!