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Getting Bloggy With It

Bold & Pop : Getting Bloggy With It

Hello lovelies and welcome to our blog! I'm SO excited to kick things off and get this blogging party started! Cue the confetti and bubbly!

So First Things First... What is Bold & Pop?

We're a collective of social media, PR & marketing, branding and event pros that are here to help your business pop! Yes, that means YOU! Our co-founders are east coast based (for now at least ;-)) and thanks to handy dandy technology we can take on your projects wherever you may be! Thank you year 2015, you're pretty awesome.

So What Exactly Does that Mean?

That means, we're your business' new bffs! We're here to offer extra pairs of hands when you need it the most aka we've got your back! When you're crushing it at sales and just don't have the time to manage all of your retweets and Instagram love, we're your girls. Or when you want to take your dreams to the next level -- oh yeah I'm talking get those pretty little products of yours in the glossy pages of the magazines -- we can help make that happen to! How about when your website just doesn't reflect how you see your business anymore.. well, lucky for you we DO that too! The just of it is, we're another resource for your business when you need some extra support whether it's day-to-day or project based. 

So How did we get Started?

You know you hear about those lightbulb moments where people just think of something and know they have to do it? Internet high five if you've had one of those moments too! Bold & Pop was totally one of those! Our co-founders had all met through different phases of our careers and we just had a lightbulb moment of, "Hey guys... we NEED to do this!" And poof! Just like that our collective was born.

We all come from a variety of career backgrounds, but one thing was clear when we created Bold & Pop. We definitely didn't just want to be another corporate cubicle-filled agency that just feels.. well.. bland. We're all colorful and fun ladies and we wanted to make sure that shined through in our branding, hence our name! We really built this collective in hopes of connecting with other entrepreneurs (just like us!) to help make everyones' business dreams come true :) Girl boss party!

Bold & Pop : Getting Bloggy With It

So thank you for stopping by! We're really excited about all that is to come on the blog, and trust me, it's going to be AWESOME! Here's a sneak peek at some of the goods that will be coming your way week after week,

  • Insight to some of our favorite topics -- hellooooo PR, social, branding & event decor!
  • Doing that business thang! Sharing some tips we've learned along our journey of being girl bosses
  • Behind-the-scenes look at some of our projects and how we get sh*t done over here
  • & other fun posts -- hi, events, useful printables & other awesome surprises 

So enough about us! Thank you so much for stopping by. We're super excited about this new part of our business (and hope you are too)! Until next time.. Call us, beep us, if you want to reach us!

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