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A Look Behind the Scenes of #ThePopShop

Bold & Pop : A Look Behind the Scenes of #ThePopShop

We launched #ThePopShop about 10 months ago and we’ve had so much fun styling stock photos for all of you (I mean, it is one of our favorite things everrrr). This year we not only moved expanded shop to be right on our website with new branding products but we’ve also decided to create themes for our stock photos. Each month we’ll add new stock photos all with the same theme. Yayyy! With all that said, we wanted to start giving you a look at where we draw inspiration from and how we plan our shoots for #ThePopShop! 

The Inspiration

This month we’ve taken a little step outside of our usual bright, colorful world to bring you a little zen. This is something I’ve personally been trying to do a lot more of lately… shut the laptop and unplug! I’ve even been trying yoga/meditation as well (although I’m admittedly not great at the meditation part just yet!) so this brought about the inspiration for this month’s batch of stock photos!

The Process

Once we decided on this month's theme, we then come up with some ideas for how the images will be styled. This means we ask ourselves questions like what does zen/relaxation mean to us? To me, I really enjoy the time in the morning with my coffee and the morning sun shining in. I also picture softer and more natural colors so I knew I wanted to use some of the rose quartz colors I had around my house paired with some dried purple flowers and a few other natural elements. (I’ve had this gorgeous half marble/half wood cutting board laying around that I’ve been DYING to use!).

Once I have a clear idea on colors and vibe, I get allllll the props together. For this shoot, I luckily had all these items in my home already for my decor! Anything I thought I could use for the shoot, I grabbed and then I lay them all out so I can see everything together. This helps me visualize which props go best together.  

After that, the magic starts to happen! I already had the shots to reflect my morning coffee relaxation in mind so I started with those which helped shape the other styled photos. Then it’s all just a matter of playing around with your props until you find the perfect mix! I usually try to start with about 5 key props and remove one or two as I move them around. This helps keep the image balanced and not too cluttered.

For this batch of photos, keeping the colors and overall vibe consistent were key. I decided to use most of the same props for this shoot but also moving some of them around, introducing different props with the other key props, and holding one of the rose quartz crystals for a different perspective. And voila! We have a set of new stock photos for #ThePopShop to help encourage you to relax and get your zen on!

Bold & Pop: Co-founder Mallory Musante

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!

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