Bold & Pop : Spring Into the Season with Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Biz

While it certainly doesn't feel like it up in New York City right now, rumor has it Spring is just around the corner! And I'll be honest, I CANNOT wait! Afternoon walks in Central Park and expanding my office to the backyard are so close! I've always loved the season changes because I think they're a great time to check in and stay on track with what you want to achieve and re-energize.

Remember how pumped up you were about your goals at the end of December and January? Now is the time to re-ignite that! Re-evaluate, make a plan and stay (or get back) on track! We're all familiar with the term 'Spring cleaning' when it comes to our homes and closets, but it is also a great concept to apply to your business. Between doing a little cleaning, updating or refreshing your look, now is the time! Here's a look at some things we suggest cleaning up in your biz this Spring!

Update Your Website

I don't need to tell you about how important your website is for your business.. you know! So when was the last time you updated it? Yeah, about that. Well, now is the time to go through and make sure everything is up-to-date so that you are communicating to prospective and current customers and clients effectively.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself while you are working on your updates:

  • Is all of the info on your website up-to-date?

  • When was the last time you updated your blog?

  • Has your pricing changed?

  • Do you have any new products?

  • Are you happy with the way your copy is written or do you need any adjustments?

  • Is your contact information accurate and functioning properly?

  • Is your portfolio up-to-date?

We suggest going through each page and really taking the time to read through everything and make sure it is updated to your liking.

Refresh Your Look

On the note of talking about website updates. Spring can be a great time to put plans into action if you've been playing with the idea of redesigning your logo or your website. Your branding is the first impression for your business so it's so important to make sure it aligns and represents you just the way you'd like it. Here are some ways to get the process started:

  • Do your research! Find branding and website designs that appeal to you and find out who the designers were

  • Ask for recommendations from those you trust and in business communities like Facebook Groups

  • Check out designers websites and see whose work meshes with the look you're going after

  • Send an intro email with questions or set up a call to see who you connect with -- this is SO important!

If a full makeover is on your radar, you're definitely going to want to check out our free content upgrade at the bottom of this post too! 

Refreshing your look doesn't always mean you need to totally re-do everything either! Updating your photos and graphics on your website are one of the easiest ways to give your website a refresh. Here are a few other ideas you can consider:

  • Refresh the photos and graphics used on your banner images and slideshows

  • Change the text graphics you feature on your blog

  • Schedule a photo shoot to refresh the images of your products

  • Update your social media branding

There's a lot of smaller changes that you can implement on your website that will make you fall in love with it all over again. Mallory wrote a really great post with a more detailed look at these ideas too! We don't just dish advice either, we totally live it! Over the last few months we've tweaked some of our imagery throughout our website and we actually just switched up the photo on our homepage, did you catch the update? Aw, refreshes are so fun!

Bold & Pop : Spring Into the Season with Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Biz
Bold & Pop : Spring Into the Season with Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Biz

Update Your Portfolio

If you are a service based business keeping your portfolio updated is so important! You know when you have a 9-5 they always say to make sure you have an updated resume at all times (even when you're not on the job-hunt). I kind of equate that to this as a business owner. It's something that is so important, but let's be honest... when you're so busy actually working on client projects it's something that ends up on the back burner. So now that Q1 is wrapping up, it's time to get that puppy up-to-date! 

Update Any Collateral

Last month Mallory and I went to town on doing a little revamp to our client onboarding and our welcome kit and I know I'm biased, but I'm kind of obsessed with how they turned out. Spring is a great time to update your collateral for your business and make sure everything is designed and functioning to your liking. Here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Business Cards

  • Welcome kit/media kit

  • Client onboarding information

  • Questionnaires

  • Client agreements

  • One sheets

  • Lookbooks

  • Press Kits

  • Social media graphics

  • Newsletter graphics

And there you have it our tips for doing a little cleaning and sprucing up in your biz! Use that Spring energy to your advantage this year! 

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!