Bold & Pop : Pixsweet Social Media Campaign Case Study

The Project:


Create and execute a social media strategy to increase awareness of the Pixsweet brand and their products, 3D ice pops and the platform behind them to create a popsicle in any shape you can imagine. The campaign was targeted on creating awareness to local Los Angeles audience through strategic content, social networking, and social media marketing.

  • Built social media strategy with strategic campaigns to increase awareness and engage audience
  • Provided weekly content calendars
  • Managed community management and social networking efforts
  • Managed influencer marketing campaign

Strategy & Tactics: 

  • Developed consistent social media content and posting schedule focused on driving key Pixsweet messaging
  • Developed influencer marketing strategy to introduce Pixsweet to top social media influencers to further brand awareness
  • Designed custom social media graphics using mock-ups, Pixsweet branding, quote graphics and gifs
  • Developed Facebook advertising campaign to expand reach and further brand awareness efforts
  • Actively monitored social media accounts for brand engagement, conversation, and mentions around Pixsweet as well as hashtags for events the brand participated in
  • Developed user-generated content strategy focused on monitoring mentions of brand, connecting and sharing consumer photos of pops and re-posting their content on Pixsweet’s account

The Results:


  • Increased Instagram followers by 80% adding 580+ new followers

  • Increased weekly Instagram impressions by 153% to 3.8k impressions per week

  • Increased weekly Instagram profile views by 186% to 503 views per week


  • Increased Facebook page likes by 131% adding 750+ new fans

  • Increased average weekly Facebook impressions by 505% throughout the campaign with an additional average of 2.3k+ views weekly.

  • Increased weekly post engagement by 571% to 823 unique weekly engagements 

Influencer Marketing Campaign

  • 4 influencer mentions confirmed during 1-month campaign

    • Circus of Cakes (15.8k followers) 

    • XoDayDreamers (33.6k followers) 

    • Unforgettable Treats (72.9k followers) 

    • Fatties Feed (41.3k followers)

We also helped leverage Perez Hilton mention of brand from Instagram Stories

    • Perez Hilton (157k followers) -- Shared on Instagram stories 

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