Bold & Pop : How to Optimize your Squarespace Ecommerce Website

It’s no secret we’re HUGE fans of Squarespace and we’ve shared everything from how to choose a template, why the Brine family is our favorite template, various coding for customization andddd how to set your SEO up properly. The one big piece of Squarespace we haven’t talked too much about is their ecommerce functionality but Squarespace has been upping their game when it comes to this. Along with having a secure and easy checkout with a great shop design, there are a few lesser known features that you’ll want to make the most of if you have an ecommerce site. These are focused on helping you increase conversions in an easy way (literally you just have to enable a few things!).

Bold & Pop : How to Optimize your Squarespace Ecommerce Website

Image Zoom

Pretty standard on most ecommerce platforms but you definitely want to have this enabled! It allows customers to get a closer view of the product they’re interested in which can be the difference in making a sale or them walking away. If you enable this, make sure you have high quality images so they’re crisp and clean on zoom.

If you don’t have this enabled, head to the Design > Site Styles > Products: Image Zoom and make sure you enable it. You can also adjust how much it zooms in to fit your preferences!

Alternate Image

You can also enable an alternate image to show on your main shop page. This is great if you have a product that comes in different colors or has details on different sides you’d like the show off. Basically if a customer comes to your shop and they hover over a product, the main image will switch out with the alternate so they get to see both! This encourages them to click through to the product listing to learn more (and hopefully purchase!).

To enable this, go to your Site Styles. It may simply be clicking to enable the alternate image option or it might be under Item Hover Behavior which you’d then change to Show Alternate Image.

Quick View

Enabling quick view is an awesome way to provide customers with more product info without having to fulling click into the product listing. This also allows them to purchase right from the main shop page!

You can enable this in Site Styles as well!

Free Shipping

A lot of our ecommerce clients provide free shipping (customers do love to have free anything!) but it can get a tad tricky on Squarespace. They do allow an easy to enable automatic free shipping option but only on their advanced commerce plan (this plan also provides abandoned cart notifications too!).

The problem is this plan doesn’t always make sense for everyone so if you want to provide free shipping for customers on the basic commerce plan, you can either provide customers with a coupon code or our recommendation would be to set up a flat rate shipping option in the backend of Squarespace and simply make it $0. #SquarespaceHack FTW

Add a carousel summary block to Additional Info

Related Products

Unfortunately this is one area that is still lacking a bit for Squarespace, BUT we have a hack to help you still add related products!

Choose your shop page in the Content tab to popular with products

Chances are you’ll add products and use categories in your product listing to sort them for customers (and if not, you definitely need to categorize your products for this). What you need to do is, go to the backend of your shop page and click into a product to edit. Click the tab on the product page that says Additional Info. Once you’re in that section, you’ll want to insert a summary block (we recommend a carousel layout). Once inserted, you’ll have to choose the content you want to populate the summary block with. Choose your shop page and then you can change the layout to your liking (we suggest changing the Header from “Featured” to “Products You May Also Like” or something along those lines).

You can save as is here or you can go to the Display tab and sort the products shown by category or even tags. It will really depend on your product but if you sell shirts, you might not want to display all shirts as related products. You might want to help customers complete their outfit so maybe you sort by tags instead. For example, if you have a summer collection, you might want the related products to be sorted by the tag Summer Collection.

Along with these awesome features…

Squarespace also offers some really amazing other ecommerce features you’ll want to know about including:

  • Inventory management with notifications on when you’re running low on an item (you can set what level you want this reminder at!)

  • Subscription option available so you can sell a monthly, yearly, etc. subscription

  • Variants so you can add different colors, sizes, etc. all under one product listing

  • Easy drag and drop merchandising so you can have your product listed in the exact order you want

  • Abandoned cart recovery with automatic emails sent to customers to remind them they left something behind

  • Multiple payment options so you can enable them all and give customers a choice or you can choose which one works best for your store

  • Built-in analytics so you can track your sales and any other important pieces of information to make the most of your shop and marketing efforts

And there you have it, some lesser known features you can use to really amp up your ecommerce site to help boost those conversions!

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