Bold & Pop : How to Create a Brand Personality on Instagram

Something we constantly hear (and are extremely proud of!) is how much people love our Instagram feed. We’ve been able to create a cohesive feed that really reflects our brand and our own personalities which translates to a highly engaged audience. Yay! However, we’ve recently realized that we’ve been able to do this more easily than most because of our social media backgrounds and experience. So today, we’re bringing that knowledge right to you with some of our top tips on how to create a brand personality on Instagram!

Define your Style

First things first, how have you defined your brand? Do you use specific colors, tones, or moods? What’s the tone of voice you use in your other marketing? Not only do you have to keep your Instagram feed consistent but your entire brand should be cohesive across social media platforms, your website, and other marketing materials.

If you’ve visited our Instagram account, you notice we use a lot of color because that’s what Bold & Pop is alllll about! We write our captions in a playful way that is natural to us and consistent with the rest of our marketing efforts. And most importantly, we give you a peek into our brand. This is actually who we are as people. We love color. We love donuts. And we actually say things like ‘bomb digs’ all the time. This has made it virtually second nature to us but once you get down your style, you will NAIL it!

Taking and Editing Photos

Now that you have your brand style down, it’s time to talk pictures! One of the best investments you can make for your Instagram pictures is having a handful (or closet full if you’re like us…) of props that reflect your brand’s style! If you have a product based company, find complimentary props that help highlight your products and its various uses. If you have a service based company, you’ll want to find props to exemplify your brand. For example, we use a lot of office props: File folders, notebooks, paper clips. We even use our laptops and phones as props! Just make sure your props stay in your brand’s color palette, vibe, and style you already set! (Not sure where to find props? We got you covered!

Once you have your props all set, we recommend taking a TON of photos. Arrange your props in numerous ways. Use different backgrounds (keep it within your style though!). Anything you can think of take a picture. That way you’ll have plenty of images to choose from and use for weeks or even months to come!

Pro tip: We love to use natural light when shooting. Lighting is seriously important for crisp, clear images. Set up by a window or even shoot outside if you can (overcast days are actually best to avoid harsh shadows). However, the most important thing to remember when taking and editing your images is to keep it consistent! If you use a filter, always use the same or a similar filter. If you are more moody, keep each image moody. Consistency is key for cohesion! 

Planning your Content

And now we put it alllll together! We like to plan out our content a week in advance so we can see what our feed will visually look like and the topics we’ll be posting about for the week. We actually write out each post and choose an image to go with it. This way you can make sure you have a good visual flow for your feed.

And don't forget to get yo’ hashtag onnnn! You put all this work into creating a bomb feed so you want to make sure people see it! We recommend doing some research to find the best hashtags to fit your brand. This can include random searches on Instagram to see what is the most popular or even looking at other brands you admire to see if they use any that fit. For example, one of our favorite hashtags to use is #flashesofdelight which is from @glitterguide

While you work on creating your brand personality, make sure you keep note of what seems to be working best for you brand. Which posts are your audience responding and engaging with the most? Which hashtags seem to help you reach a greater audience. This way to you tailor your content more strategically moving forward!

Ready to put the plan into action? Let us know how it goes in the comments! 

Still feel like you need a little help managing your Instagram or producing photos? Give us a shout

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