Bold & Pop : How to Best Use Live Video for Your Brand

We’ve all seen the rise of video use in social media and now with live video streaming on both Facebook and Instagram, it’s even easier to connect with you audience using video. But how can brands best utilize this new tool? We know it can be a bit intimidating to be on video but we’re sharing some insight on how you can best use live video to help provide even more of a personal touch to your brand!

While a lot of the same principles you use for your overall digital marketing strategy apply, there are a few differences you’ll need to keep in mind and consider when integrating live streaming into your strategy. Before we jump into topics you can cover on your video streaming, let’s talk about some best practices to keep in mind while planning your live streaming strategy and content.  


Just like anything else with your brand, planning is key! What topic(s) would you like to cover? Main points that your audience will find useful? Planning this all out will help the live stream run smoothly so you don’t freeze in the middle of the video without anything to say. Yikes! 

With that said, don’t follow a script! The beauty of live streaming is the ability to engage with your audience and having a script can really limit you. Try having some main bullet points to help keep you on track during the live stream while keeping the flow authentic and natural.


There isn’t necessary a timeframe that works best for live streaming but we do recommend having them be at least 10 minutes long. You want to give people time to tune into your stream, comment, and ask questions if they’d like. Shorter than 10 minutes doesn’t necessarily give people the opportunity to engage with you.

Keep Audience in Mind

Just like with any content you produce, you want to always keep your audience in mind. What do they want to see and hear? What is useful for them? However, live streaming does pose different challenges. If someone tunes into your video halfway through, they might not know what they are seeing or what you are talking about. Along with adding a descriptive caption, it’s always a good idea to periodically remind viewers of what they are watching such as, “If you are just tuning in, today we are discussing XYZ.”

Another factor to consider is that your audience will likely have questions or comments during your stream. You’ll want to both periodically ask if anyone has questions to encourage engagement as well as take time throughout the stream to answer all the questions.

Provide Value

Don’t just do a live stream to do one. This is the exact same principle that goes with the rest of your content -- Provide your audience value. When planning your live streaming videos, make sure you are addressing your audience's needs and interests. Are you an expert in blogging? Share some of your top tips and make sure to answer any questions your audience asks during your live stream. No one will tune in or be interested if you’re not talking about something of value!

Topic Ideas

Now that we have some of the best practices covered, let’s talk about some of the ways you can use live streaming for your brand!

  • Q&A: Hosting a Q&A with your CEO/founder/artist, etc. is a great way to get to know the people behind your brand. Plan a few questions to answer on your own but also ask your audience if they have any questions and answer those as they come in too!

  • Special announcements: Do you have big news to announce? Maybe a product launch or offering new services? This is a fun way to make the announcement, provide additional information, answer any questions from your audience, and get some valuable feedback!

  • Live events: If you are attending an event for your brand, streaming some of it live is a great way to give your audience a look into your involvement in the event! Explain where you are and what you’re doing there though so people understand the context behind the video!

  • Behind-the-scenes look: Do you have an awesome studio/office space? Give your audience a tour and show them some of the things you are working on. This allows your audience to get an inside look and help them feel like a part of your company!

  • How-to videos: Create a live video where you show your audience how to do something in your area of expertise. Whether it’s how to do a DIY project or how to create your own graphics on Canva, this is a fun way to show your skills to your audience while also allowing them to interact with you and ask questions.

While live video streaming may not be something you want to integrate into your social media strategy right now, it is a great tool you may want to consider implementing down the road. However if it does fit into your social media strategy and capabilities right now, hopefully these tips will help get you on the right track!

Have you tried any live streaming yet? What has worked best for your brand? Tell us in the comments!

Bold & Pop : Co-Founder Mallory Musante

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