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It's not often we get to work with clients locally but we love when we get that opportunity! It's a nice change in pace when you get to sit down with someone face to face to discuss their vision and long term goals and we had just that opportunity when we met with Alexandra from Koket Boutique, a women's clothing and accessories boutique based in Raleigh, NC! 

Alexandra was looking for fresh new branding as well as creating an online shop for her boutique and we were thrilled to work with her! 

The Project:

The Design:

When meeting Alexandra, we knew right off the bat that she wanted something sophisticated but still playful... just like her! She mentioned loving the color pink and wanted to incorporate some other bold colors as well. For the website, we helped her map out a plan for all the pieces to the boutique so customers could not only purchase online but also find information about pop-ups she'd be at and all other necessary information. 

Here are the main things we focused on during her project:

  • Creating a sophisticated but playful brand that fits with the boutique's clientele
  • Create a simple website that still gives a personal touch to feel like you're still shopping in-store
  • Incorporate some interactive features
  • Create an easy shopping experience for customers  

After we nailed the inspiration board, we got to work on the logo design. We decided to play with a few different elements including some confetti as well as giving her a simple option. She decided to go with the more simple option and then it came down to layout. We played with upper and lowercase Ks as well as the placement of where that K would be positioned in the logo. Take a peek at how it all progressed: 


After we finalized the logo design, we got to work on the website! We knew we wanted to make it easy for customers to shop by category when they landed on the homepage as well as see the latest arrivals and all other important information. We made the navigation all solely the different categories (with the exception of Be the Buyer -- more on the later!) and we also created customized icons that mimic the logo for buttons on the homepage. 

We also made sure to have new arrivals showcased on the homepage as well as information and buttons to the pop-ups she'll be at as well as how to host a party! Here's a look at how it all came together: 

After the homepage was all set, we imported and formatted all the products, using some custom coding to make sure they displayed properly. 

Then we created the About page, Host a Party page, Upcoming Events, etc. Take a peek! 

And last but not least, Alexandra wanted to add an interactive piece to the website where customers could vote on future merchandise called Be the Buyer. We thought this was such a smart way to get feedback before ordering new merchandise as well as give your customers an idea of what's to come! 

We used a third-party integration that we were able to customize to her branding to create a fun voting system! Check it out: 

And last but not least, we also worked on some fun collateral pieces to cap off the project!

Not only was Alexandra a blast to work with but the clothes at Koket Boutique are beyond cute! We were really glad we got the opportunity to work with Alexandra to bring her vision to life! She was such a blast to work with and we know where we'll be spending all our money on a new wardrobe! 

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