Bold & Pop : #GoingBold Interview with Corinne Hone of The Food Scenes
Bold & Pop : #GoingBold Interview with Corinne Hone of The Food Scenes

Tell us your bold boss story!: 

Bold & Pop : #GoingBold Interview with Corinne Hone of The Food Scenes

My name is Corinne and I am from Ireland. I now live in Utah and run my own Social Media Management business. 

How did I end up here? 

Well, it is a bit of a funny story. 

After college, I moved to Guatemala. I started my career in the non-profit sector and also met my husband. Life was sweet. Unfortunately though, working in a Guatemala for $500 a month could only be done for so long. After four years, that income was just not sustainable any longer. 

We moved to my husband's home state of Utah where I faced the long and difficult task of navigating the complex immigration system. Not being able to work for over a year led me to use Instagram as a hobby and I started a foodie influencer page. Not to toot my own horn, but I was able to grow the account rapidly and met a lot of people who asked what my secret was. I would be frank and say I had a lot of time on my hands but also, I had discovered a new passion. I loved working with local business owners to promote a new menu item or host a giveaway. It was so rewarding to connect with new people in the community and I soon learned that social media marketing was big business. Due to my own personal Instagram account's success, I thought maybe I could do the same for busy business owners and showcase their brand, food or product in the online arena. 

Now I never thought I would be a business owner but once I left Guatemala I realized that I wanted to keep on traveling, giving back to others and supporting non-profit organizations. The only way I saw that dream becoming a reality, was to start my own business and work for myself. That way I could have a flexible schedule, have the ability to work online from anywhere in the world and hopefully have the financial freedom to do just that. 

Now, I'm not there yet. My business just launched in March 2019 but I am excited to have taken those first hard steps towards that freedom lifestyle I know I will get back to. 

My social media business is set up to specialize in the food and beverage industry due to my background as a local food influencer but - none of my clients are in that industry! It just goes to show that although we can plan, the universe likes to play with us just a little. So, I have branched out and as well as offering social media packages, I also have Instagram engagement work, audits and social media strategy consulting on the books!

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!: 

My business is still in its infancy but even so, I think it is important to celebrate every milestone! The first one was actually taking some of our savings and investing in myself. I paid for an online social media management course which gave me the skills and confidence to really make something out of my business idea.

Another bold boss moment I look back on was signing my first partnership. That moment took my dream of being a business owner and made it a reality! I still work with that client 3 months on and it is so satisfying to have a happy client on the books!

What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Going Bold community?: 

Ok, this is one for all the badass babes out there.

I am a big believer in the power of mindset. Allow yourself to dream and visualize those dreams becoming reality. Make note of how they make you feel. Use that feeling to motivate yourself to set big goals for you and your business. Write the goals down and look at them frequently. Do you want to live abroad? Do you want to make $120,000 a year in your business? Do you want to retire your husband and pay for your children's tuition? Whatever your dreamy goals are, keep them front and center in your mind.

Oh, and one more thing, allow the journey of reaching those goals to be fluid. We never know how we are going to reach our dreams so be open to the possibility that the journey will look and feel different from what you expect. But does that matter if we end up in at the same destination? I think not!

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