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It's HERE! We are SO excited like seriously excited to kick-off the #BoldBossTribe! We're constantly in awe of all of the bosses that are our there making things happen and decided there's no better way to inspire others than by sharing your stories! So this week is dedicated to YOU! Stay tuned to our blog and social media alllll week long as we celebrate stories that will give you all the feels! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

To help us start off the week off with a bang πŸ’₯ we're featuring one of our favorite triple treats today... Victoria Prince! Not only is she a amazingly talented singer-songwriter and performer but this year she was also signed to Bliss Modeling and Talent Agency. Oh and did we also mention she is one of the sweetest people and super thoughtful? Triple threat.. more like she's the whole package. Victoria's story has inspired us along our own journey and we just knew she was the perfect person to help us kick off the #BoldBossTribe. She fully embodies the motto that no dreams are too big and we are so excited to partner up with her on this movement.

Bold & Pop :: #BoldBossTribe :: Victoria Prince

Tell us your bold boss story!

Becoming a singer/songwriter has been a lifelong process. It all began at the young age of 6. My parents took me to see Israel Kamakawiwo'ole in concert. I remember sitting on my dad's shoulders watching this huge Hawaiian man play a tiny ukulele. I stared in awe while I absorbed every magical moment. With wide eyes and high hopes I asked my parents for a ukulele for my 7th birthday. He passed away shortly after I saw him perform and is easily one of the most influential artists in Hawaiian culture to this day. They granted my wish and I've been a musician ever since.

When I was 12 my family relocated to Southern Oregon. I taught myself to play the guitar when my mom hocked her jewelry at a pawn shop to get me my first guitar. I was 15 at the time, and as times were hard we were living in a trailer park. There wasn't much to do for a teenage girl living in poverty, so I had plenty of time to perfect my craft.

Fast forward 11 years and here I am, a full time performing musician - entertaining tourists from all over the world in paradise. I can't express how lucky I feel to be able to do what I love for a living. I have people approach me all the time and say things like "I hope you make it" -- what they don't understand is the distance between where I came from - to where I am now. I look at my life, and I have made it. As Drake would say, started from the bottom now we're here. I don't need fame or fortune to "make it" I just wanna play my guitar. The most important thing is that I never gave up on my dreams.

We're all about bold boss moments, tell us about one of yours!

I had just graduated from college with a degree in audio engineering. I was interning at a record label. I needed to make a living and I knew that all I wanted to do was be surrounded in music every day.

I worked for a label called Votiv - located in Queen Anne near Seattle, Washington. The label signed a band called the Lumineers and they went Platinum within two weeks of the release. I got to watch my boss hang the platinum record on the wall as I sat behind a computer screen plugging numbers for radio AirPlay statistics. I knew right then and there that I was in the wrong place. I had the expensive degree, fancy internship, and a whole lotta passion for making music - but I was missing something big. Shortly after my epiphany I came to Hawaii for a two-week vacation to visit some family. I had one suitcase and my guitar. I never left.

Bold & Pop :: #BoldBossTribe :: Victoria Prince

I got myself a job serving tacos at a local dive bar for taco Tuesday's - my boss stumbled upon one of my open mic performances and then hired me to sing instead of serve. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was serving songs instead of tacos and singing at island venues all over the place. In short, The most monumental moment in my career was realizing that I didn't need the fancy degree or the awesome internship to be successful. It's not successful people who are happy, it's happy people who are successful. I know for me, if all I have is my guitar and a few pairs of ears to sing to that's all I really need.

Modeling was a whole different story. I sort of fell right into it actually. Here's a post directly from my IG about how I ended up getting signed by a modeling agency here in Hawaii.

#TB to one year ago today. This was my first official solo photoshoot as an aspiring model here in Hawaii. My sponsors at @ fusedhawaii had just launched their handmade active pants and they asked me to model them. I had experience modeling but I definitely feel way more comfortable behind a microphone than in front of a camera. I remember feeling so overwhelmed, self conscious, hesitant, and nervous. I did it anyway. The shoot was a success. A month later they asked me to model again. This time in a bikini fashion show & competition in June with 5 other drop dead gorgeous girls. My good friend @ TayloredMeals prepped all of my meals for weeks prior. We spent hours shredding every day in the gym. That night I doubted myself. Heart pounding. Mind racing. I was the oldest. I had the smallest chest. I'm only 5ft 2". Etc... I did it anyway. I won 1st place. Fast forward to December - amazing photographer @ Child_Indigo contacted me about shooting together. I asked @ roxellecho (fusedhawaii's creative director) if she needed me to shoot any new product or bikinis for the website. The next thing I knew, she had designed an entire bikini line for the new shoot. She sewed them the night before and dropped off the bikinis on site the morning of our shoot. I put them on and I modeled. I had no idea what I even looked like. It was like a blind date with the bikinis. It was THAT time of the month and I was modeling WHITE bikini bottoms - I was feeling bloated and terrified of this recipe for disaster. I did it anyway. The photos came out beautifully. Today I am sending off my signed contract to Bliss Modeling and Talent Agency. This will mean I am officially their newest signed Petite Model & Musician. All because these girls believed in me. Because they gave me the courage to believe in myself. I am not my cup size. I am not my height. I embrace my flaws. Today I am a model because I even when I felt like I wasn't enough - I did it anyway. Its amazing what you can accomplish in just one year. βœπŸΌβœ¨πŸ‘„πŸ“½ #Thankyou #Fusedhawaiiboutique #Childindigo #TayloredMeals #Empoweringwomen #Empoweringme #YearofYES #Doitanyway

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What advice or words of encouragement do you have for the Bold Boss Tribe?

In this life it all comes down to persistence. If you put your best foot forward and go with all your heart you cannot go wrong. People always say - follow your dreams it will be great! The truth is its not always great. It's really hard. And for every yes, you'll get 100 no's. Just figure out what you love and do it. That is the goal.

Bold & Pop :: #BoldBossTribe :: Victoria Prince

We hope you have enjoyed Victoria's story as much as us! To learn more about her music, modeling or just to follow along with her journey you can find here here!

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