Bold & Pop : Alicia Photographie Website Design

What's better than working with amazing entrepreneurs? When we get to work with them more than once! We were so thrilled to hear that our client Alicia was expanding her photography and was looking for some help with a website to highlight just that -- Lucky for us we know a couple of girls who specialize in that. 😉

Bold & Pop : Alicia Photographie Website Design

The Project:

The Design:

On top of being a super talented interior designer, Alicia also takes beautiful photographs and wanted a separate website to focus on photography work! So we did just that by building a website through Wix. While most of our websites are built on Squarespace, we also love the features that Wix offers -- plus it still offers a user-friendly backend.

  • Create simple website to highlight photography work
  • Focus on visual appeal and highlighting portfolio
Bold & Pop : Alicia Photographie Website Design

Alicia's work is just stunning and we are so happy we were able to work with her on this project as well! Take a peek for yourself and check out her new website!

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