Bold & Pop :: 5 Reasons You Should Use Styled Stock Photos for Your Biz

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words but are your photos saying what you want them to? With the increase in visuals (just think about all those Instagram accounts you can’t help but be obsessed with!), we don’t have to tell you more than once how important imagery is for your brand. But getting beautiful images isn’t always easy. Most people aren’t photographers and even if they have that eye, it can be very time consuming to style and take photos for your brand. This is where professional styled stock photos can come in!

1. Look more professional

Our guess is that most of you aren’t photographers (which is totally fine!) but having professional photos can help make your brand stand out! It helps your brand make a great first impression and sets you apart as a professional brand or expert.

2. Edit photos to fit your brand

Most of the time you can find photos that fit your branding but you can also edit stock photos to fit your specific needs! Overlay text, customize with a filter, convert to black and white, crop to specific dimensions, or do whatever you wish to fit your brand. The sky's the limit!

It is also sometimes possible to edit a photo in multiple ways so you can get more use out of it! For example, try cropping the photo in several different ways.

3. Use them to sell your products/services

This all depends on your specific business but you can often overly text or graphics to create a mockup of your work.

4. Save time

Time is money! Chances are you’ve heard the advice, “Outsource what you’re not an expert in.” Purchasing and utilizing stock photos is one simple way to save yourself time and potentially a headache (if this isn’t something you enjoy doing!). Styling photos, getting the right lighting, and all the other aspects that go into getting the perfect shot is a time consuming process. Allowing the experts to handle this frees up your time to do what you’re really great at!

5. Versatile and inexpensive

Because you can edit and utilize stock photos in so many different ways, they are a very versatile option for your business! Plus, you can find stock photos for as little as $5!

What can you use stock photos for? 

  • Facebook or Twitter cover image
  • Instagram posts
  • Blog posts
  • Blog or website headers
  • Pinterest image or graphic
  • Product mockups
  • Ad photos
  • Website buttons
  • Promotional graphics and banners

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