Bold & Pop : 4 Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

We have another Squarespace feature for you! Today we're talking all about Cover Pages, which are a versatile and totally awesome feature offered on the platform. Cover pages are simple one-page websites that are used to direct the focus on your audience on one thing. You can use them when you're working on website updates, as opt-ins, or as a landing page. The really awesome part about cover pages on Squarespace too is that they have a number of templates available just for this reason! So you can easily pick out a template, add in your text and features and you'll be ready to roll. So how do we take advantage of this feature? Here are 4 different ways you can use them for your website.

Under Construction Pages

One of the most common reasons we use cover pages for our clients is when we’re working on website updates. If we’re doing a full makeover we’ll usually design a landing page for our clients so that they can let their audience know that they’re in the midst of website updates and offer call-to-actions for where they can keep up with them in the meantime. By making your cover page the homepage, this will allow you to keep your website up while you work on edits behind the scenes.

Here's an example of a cover page that we recently created for a project we're working on with the Harlem EatUp! Foundation. They have a few key events happening during the time we're building the website so we were able to utilize the cover page feature to highlight each.

Bold & Pop : 4 Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

Simple Landing Pages

Another option is utilizing the feature for a temporary website. Maybe you’re working on a project behind the scenes and won’t be launching a full website for awhile but you want a place to direct your audience. Ding, ding, ding, use a cover page! This allows you to hype your project prior to launch and include call-to-actions like adding your newsletter sign-up, having a form, or contact option.

Here’s an example of a “coming soon” cover page we worked on with an exciting international lifestyle brand to give you an idea of what you could do.

Bold & Pop : 4 Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

Opt-in Pages

Another really great use for cover pages is to use them as opt-in pages. Whether you’re promoting a new program, service or freebie, a cover page might be a great option. We really love that it's right built in and we don't have to use another service too! Here's a look at one that we have set-up that we can direct people for signing up for our newsletter.

Bold & Pop : 4 Ways to Use Squarespace Cover Pages

Direct your Audience

Want to direct your audience to different parts of your website depending on their needs? If you offer consulting and e-courses and want to streamline your user experience this could be a great option for you. You can also use the feature to create a simply homepage that showcases buttons that will lead your audience to the pages that are most applicable for them.

Just another reason why we love Squarespace so much! Are you using the feature creatively? We'd love to hear what you're doing. Share with us in the comments.

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