Bold & Pop : How to Attract and Find Your Ideal Client

Last week I shared why it’s so important and how to go about identifying your ideal client. So now that we’ve gotten that taken care, how the heck do you attract or find them? We’re here to show you how to use the profile you developed from our last post to not only find your ideal client but to also attract them to you!


Your branding is going to be the exact thing that attracts your ideal clients to you which makes this the first thing you should focus on after you identify who your ideal client is. This means you should keep your ideal client top of mind when choosing or evaluating your brand colors, fonts, and your brand voice.

Go back and look at those shared values and traits you discovered between you and your ideal client (not sure what I’m talking about, check out part one of this blog series). Basically you’re going to want to look at who you are and who is your ideal client and then where do you both intersect? 

But how do you evaluate your branding and determine the direction you want to go in?

How did you describe yourself vs. your ideal client? Is there an intersection anywhere? Fun? Bold? Soft? Caring? Playful? Etc. Pick at least three of those words and then evaluate how do you want to portray those words in your brand. What colors and visuals do those words evoke? Creating an inspiration or mood board to help guide the branding at this stage is helpful in shaping your choice of colors, the logo you create, and the brand voice you develop. (We have a mood board template in our Resource Library if you're looking for a template!) 

For example, while we offer professional services we don’t take ourselves too seriously and think business can (and should be) fun and our ideal clients are the same way! This is how we developed our branding… Bright, bold colors. A fun brand name and logo. And we write and communicate in the same way. Our copy and imagery is all fun, a dose of #realtalk, and as genuine as we can possibly get.

This works for us but if you’re a dentist or a fitness trainer, our style might not work for you or your ideal clients. This is why taking the time to identify your ideal client and evaluating where you two intersect is essential in developing your brand.

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, think of some of your favorite brands and look at their branding. See if you can figure out who their ideal client is and what words describe their brand best. This is your ultimate goal so the more examples you look at to help you develop your own branding the better! (Just make sure you’re not copying anyone! We share how to be inspired by not copy here.)

Find Them on Social

Now that we have your branding all set and cohesive (make sure you stay consistent through all your marketing and social media posts), let’s go out and find your ideal client! This is where that profile you developed which included their interests, etc. will come in handy. You’ll use these answers to first find out which social media platform they use the most and then to find them.

First you need to determine where your ideal client hangs out. Is it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn? It may be more than one but you want to rank them in order of importance. For example, our ideal clients are mainly on Instagram and in a number of Facebook groups. So while we still post on Twitter and share our blogs, etc. on LinkedIn and Pinterest, we focus the majority of our efforts in these two places.

Now that you’ve narrowed down where they are, let’s pinpoint actually finding them. The easiest way to do this is:

  • Instagram: Hashtags

  • Facebook: Ads and groups

  • Pinterest: Search terms and/or group boards

  • Twitter: Hashtags

  • LinkedIn: Groups and search terms

All of this is going to require a little research on your part to determine what hashtags and search terms your ideal client uses as well as which groups they are a part of. This is where their interests will come in handy.. You can search for those and/or incorporate them into your content! Once you find the right group or hashtag, I suggest looking at the other suggested groups and/or hashtags. This will help expand your reach and search by utilizing similar groups and hashtags.

Pro tip: Make sure you’re also using these hashtags, search terms, and actively engaging in groups when posting your own content! This will help your ideal clients find you!

The key thing to remember when finding and attracting your ideal client is to be consistent. People want to work with someone they connect with so nothing will turn them off more than if they see a post that completely resonates with them and then see something that is completely opposite. This goes for everything from consistency in your brand colors, imagery, and your brand voice! This way no matter if they find you through a Google search, on Instagram or get referred to you, they will know your brand and get a sense of what it will be like to work with you!

Still feel like you need a little help identifying and/or finding your ideal client? We’re happy to brainstorm and talk it out with you during one of our brand spankin’ new consulting calls!

P.S. Exciting news! We launched the free #GoingBold Facebook Group and would love for you to join us! Come on over!