Bold & Pop : We've done the work & now we're sharing our experience to help your business pop!
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Bold & Pop : Co-Founders Anna Osgoodby and Mallory Musante

Bold & Pop is a collective of social media, PR & marketing, branding and web design pros helping make your business pop!

Your business has a story and we’re here to help you tell it by creating colorful designs, campaigns, and content! Looking to spice up your website design? We’ve got you! How about step up your social media game? You’re in the right place. Looking to catch the eye of influencers and the media? We can make that happen too!

We started Bold & Pop because we’re serious about seeing YOUR business succeed! You can think of us as your new biz besties. We’re here to offer extra pairs of hands, always want to make sure your business looks fabulous and give you a dose of ‘real talk’ when you need it.

We’ve done the work ourselves and it’s our turn to share the love and help you crush your goals! 

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Bold & Pop : Get to Know our Cofounders Anna Osgoodby and Mallory Musante
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Bold & Pop : Social media, branding and website designer Co-Founder Anna Osgoodby

After working in the social media and public relations industry in NYC for nearly 10 years Anna has found a knack for what works for brands both big and small. Now back in the PNW, it’s her passion to help bring brands to life and build social media strategies that help tell your story and connect you with the right people. Whether it’s getting your brand off of the ground with a logo design or creating custom graphics for social media, Anna does her best to bring out the personality of your business.


Seattle, WA

Favorite Social Media Platforms:

Instagram & Twitter

Fun Facts:

1. Owns the world’s cutest wiener dog (okay I may be biased!)

2. Thinks everything is better with glitter

3. Dreams of having a props closet

Quote Anna lives by:

“Hustle and heart will set you apart”

Bold & Pop : Social media, branding and website designer Co-Founder Mallory Musante

With nearly 10 years of experience in the social media industry and 8 years as a small business owner, Mallory has a unique perspective on how digital marketing through creative copy and strong visuals fits into your overall business plan. After building two previous consumer businesses, she has since found her passion in helping other small business owners bring their brand to life whether it’s through a company’s website, custom styled images, social media strategy, or brand consulting. 


Raleigh, NC

Favorite Social Media Platform:


Fun Facts:

1. Frenchie momma

2. Donuts are the way to her heart

3. #LovesToHashtagEverything

Quote Mallory lives by:

“Be a Fruit Loop in a world of Cheerios”

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